“Capturing moments and memories that last a lifetime”

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Four reasons to come to Steph’s Studio

Most people don’t like being photographed, but Steph can make it fun and flawless with amazing results.

1. Capturing Emotion and Personality     Steph is an artist who uses a camera instead of a canvas. She doesn’t just provide a picture; she delivers great portraits. That’s because she’s an expert at capturing the emotion and personality of her subjects by using light, pose, and inspiration at just the right moment.

2. Knowledge, Equipment, & Talent   Steph is an experienced, contemporary, degreed photographer who understands light and knows how to use it. She knows what lenses, camera controls, and software will give you the best images possible. More importantly, she has over 23 years of studying and understanding the human form, which gives her the ability to pose her subjects and make them look their very best based on their body type and size.

3. Professional Editing    Steph cares about her work and reputation. As an expert photographer, she will edit her work and select the best images for you to view and order.

4. Professionalism and Rapport   Steph is an expert at handling diverse personalities. Your session with her will not only be professional, but you will have fun, as well. Whether the subject is a business owner, a bride, a high school senior, a newborn baby,  or a pet, Steph has the ability to establish rapport and make anyone comfortable in front of camera, no matter who they are.

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