Found Art with Becci


Who:  Anyone who loves to create.
What:  Found Art with Becci
When:  See Schedule
Where:  At Stephs Studio ~ 208 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, NE
Why:  Why not?
Cost: $15 (You will take home a work of art!!)

How: We will be creating a frame worthy unique piece of art that solves the age old question….”What do I do with all of the junk/crap I have laying around!”

We will supply:
Ornamental paint
Hot glue sticks
Assorted “lovely things”

You need to bring:
I can of flat spray paint in a base color that you like
A glue gun

Your own “lovely things” which could be lids, buttons, jewelry, small toys (like happy meal toys), Christmas ornaments, game pieces, silk flowers, alphabet pieces, leftover 3-D scrapbook embellishments, any small plastic items, small photo frames,  small metal items (spoons, hardware, etc.), just about anything that can be glued down. Color, condition and type isn’t as

important as variety. Once you paint an object it totally changes the scope of the item.

I suggest you search out your craft room counter top, your junk drawer or any other place you stash stuff that you don’t know what to do with or that are leftover from other projects!

Grab an ice cream bucket and just start collecting, you will be surprised at what you accumulate.

and YOU ready for an afternoon of FUN!
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