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Fun with Paint and Texture -

Gel Printing Plate and Brayer

Who:  Anyone who loves to create and doesn’t mind getting messy with paint.

What:  Fun with Paint and Texture - Gel Printing Plate and Brayer

When:  See Schedule

Where:  At Stephs Studio ~ 210 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, NE

Why:  Why not?

Cost: $30 (Included in class fee is a 5x7 gel printing plate, Brayer and lots of fun creations to take home!)

What will we do:  Steph will demonstrate how to use a gel printing plate and Brayer.  Then show some techniques you can use with the Brayer and embossing folders.

How do I sign up?  Call Steph’s Studio 308-762-7655

What to bring: You only need to bring these items if you have them.  

If you don’t have them  that’s OK we will provide them for you!  

Craft mat (Oven Liner :-)), things that would create texture (ie. Bubble wrap, mesh, brushes, large stencils, stamps and texture plates) & a palette knife to mix colors.

                  and YOU ready for an evening out of FUN!

          View Class and Workshop Schedule for 2016

The process of gel plate printing is extremely simple, versatile and very addictive.  It is equally well suited for novice printmakers, craft enthusiasts, artists, and children.  The basic materials are inexpensive, non-toxic, and clean up with water.

The Gel Printing Plate you will take home looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature.  It's easy to clean and always ready for printing.  Mono printing on a Gel printing plate is simple and fun.  The gratification is immediate, and the prints are way too cool!

You have got to see it for yourself!  Come have some fun!

A Brayer is a multipurpose tool that looks similar to a paint roller.  Using a brayer insures consistent results when inking, gluing, printing, and painting.  It will come in handy for lots of crafting techniques you will learn that night.