Frequently Asked Questions ~ 7th Street Dance 2018



Steph’s Studio – Dance Pictures 2018

  • Where will the photos be taken this year?

    • Steph’s Studio at 210 Box Butte Ave

  • When should I arrive at Steph’s Studio on picture day?

    • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled dance photo time, dressed in your first costume and PLEASE BRING YOUR DANCE SHOES. If you have questions and do not have your order forms filled out, please arrive earlier. We will stay on schedule.

  • Where can I park?

    • Parking available in the front of Steph’s Studio and also available in the back bank parking lot. You can come in the back of 208 Box Butte Ave, look for the sign.

  • Can I take photos while Steph is photographing my children?

    • No

  • Can I have more than one costume/song in a multi pose photo?

    • Yes, but please fill out the multi pose form and also note on order envelopes that you are ordering a multipose item.

  • Can I have my children that are in different classes in one photo?

    • Yes, please have a separate order envelope filled out for this photo.

  • Where can I see the specialty items?

    • There is currently a display at 7th St Dance Studio and it will be at Steph’s Studio on picture day.

  • Do I have to fill out an order envelope for each dance that my child is in?

    • Yes, we also ask that you hand in all of the envelopes upon arrival at Steph’s Studio.

  • Do I have to fill out a multi pose form for each dance?

    • No, hand in one multi pose form with your order envelopes upon arrival at Steph’s Studio.

  • Do I have to put separate payment in each envelope for each of my children?

    • Yes please, delays and possible errors will happen if this request is not followed.

  • Can I have pictures taken now and order them now, but I don’t have money until next week?

    • Yes you can. You can pay at a later time, but we will not print your picture order until it is paid for.

  • Do you accept cash?

    • Yes

  • Who do I make the checks out to?

    • Please make the check out to: Steph’s Studio

  • When will my order be ready? Where do I pick them up?

    • If your order is paid for, it will be ready after the recital. We will be at the front doors after the recital to hand out the orders.

  • Can I pick up my order at recital and pay for it then?

    • No, we must have the order paid for before printing it.

  • Can we order after picture day?

    • Yes you sure can. Please turn in an envelope and have pictures taken of your child on picture day in the correct costumes. We must have the order paid before printing it.

  • Can we order pictures online?

    • No

  • Can we order still pictures taken at the recital from Steph’s Studio?

    • Yes, Steph will be taking pictures at the recital. She will post them to her website and you can order them online You may also schedule a time to look at them at Steph’s Studio and order them.

  • What if I have more questions?

    • Please call 762-7655 or stop by Steph’s Studio at 210 Box Butte Ave.

  • To print out additional copies of the order envelope…..  7th street dance studio 2018 posed photos