Steph’s Studio Tykes & Tots Portrait Contest

The 2020 Tykes & Tots Portrait Contest has been canceled for 2020. See you again in 2021!

We are still offering the Tykes & Tots Portrait special pricing with out Child sessions thru the month of May. Contact us for details.

Last year: 2019 Tykes & Tots Portrait Gallery (Click Here)

Frequently asked questions about Tykes & Tots Portrait Contest:

  • Why are you donating the dollar votes to the Bulldog Backpack program this year? After a long standing partnership with the Alliance Kiwanis I had to choose a new organization because the Alliance Kiwanis is dormant at the time of the start of the 2020 Tykes & Tots Portrait Contest.
  • What is the Bulldog Backpack Program in Alliance?  The Bulldog Backpack Program began November 17, 2010.  They are in their 10th year of operation. The program is designed to meet the needs of hungry children in Alliance.  It provides food when other resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations.  The food is nutritious, child friendly and easily consumed.  At the beginning of the school year, school counselors identify children in need.  In 2020 they are serving 160+  Alliance Public School students from Early Childhood to the Alternative school.
  • Can I enter more than one child in the contest? Yes you can enter as many children as you like in the contest.
  • Can all my children be photographed together?  Yes and group portraits can be entered in the contest as long as each child only appears once in the contest.
  • Tell me more about the dollar votes… You can make dollar votes online or in person at Steph’s Studio or at Taco John’s of Alliance.
  • How do I vote online? Voting will be open June& July.  A link will be posted on the homepage at  You will be able to increase your number of dollar votes once you are at the shopping cart.
  • Can we do a Tykes & Tots Session with no “scene”? Of course! Classic sessions are available any week that there is no “scene” scheduled.
  • Can I bring my own props? Yes!! We love props from home!
  • Can I bring live animals to my child’s session? Yes we welcome all fur babies here at Steph’s Studio.  Please let us know ahead of time that they will be visiting us.
  • How many outfits do I bring? Depends on the session selected.   One outfit for a 1/2 session.  Two outfits for a Full Session and 3-4 outfits for the Deluxe Session.  If you are unsure of what outfit to bring, please bring more than one and we can discuss them before your session or get in touch with Steph beforehand and discuss outfits.  She is always willing to help!
  • Can we do more than one “scene”? Yes!  Multiple ‘scenes’ are encouraged and lots of fun.  Only one photo per child is allowed in the contest though.
  • How soon do I see my portraits? After your session we will schedule a time for you to come back in and view your portraits.  This is usually as soon as the next day on.
  • Do I order right away or later? At your viewing you will be asked to narrow down your selection.  There is no magic number, this is just to get your photos to an amount you are comfortable with.  If your session includes a contact sheet or you pay the minimum order with the 1/2 session, you will be able to have a contact sheet picked up later to make your order selections from.  With any session you are welcome to make your selections from the monitor and place an order at any time.
  • Can I order online? We do have a password protected online viewing site to post the portrait online.  You can use this site to share your portraits or even place your order there.
  • Can other members of my family order portraits? Yes, we encourage family members to order.

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