Frequently Asked Questions – Printing your photos

Copyright Questions:

  • I have a print/copyright release for some photos, but do I need it? Copyright laws protect artists’ livelihood and so we certainly do observe current copyright laws!  Some photographers choose to release their files to allow their photos to be printed at a location of your choice.  Therefore the print release gives us permission to print their work legally so it is very important that you include the print release with your order or email it separately to us at

Phone Questions:

  • Can you print from Facebook? Yes, you can log into Facebook thru our kiosk or you can save your photos from Facebook to your phone and upload them to us.
  • Can you print photos from my phone, tablet or computer? Yes we have many ways to get photos off of your device.
  • What about printing photos from my old flip phone? Older phones have older technology consequently there are challenges in retrieving photos from them.  Through much research we have found many ways of getting to them, though occasionally we run into a stubborn phone.  You may be asked to leave your phone with us for a few hours or overnight to give us enough time to access the photos.  Rest assured, we’ll take good care of your phone!
  • Can I get large photos from a cell phone picture? Depending on the cell phone and previous cropping to the image, most of today’s cell phones can do a very nice 11×14 and even 16×20.

Misc. Questions:

  • Do you print billfold/wallet size photos? We certainly do!  As a matter of fact we have a wide variety of photo sizes we can do.  Sizes include, but are not limited to a single 2″ by 3″, 4″ by 4″ and sheets of 8 wallets.  We can also die cut them for an additional fee. 
  • Is there a choice of glossy or luster finish? Our standard finish is luster, however upon request glossy finish is available in some sizes.
  • Can you print photos on pillows or blankets? Yes!  With your input, we design photo projects here in the studio then send them out to be produced by our best supplier.
  • Is there a different price for a large quantity of printed photos? We do have price breaks for a larger quantity ordered. An example of this is 4×6 prints ready in 24 hours: 1-25 prints $.35 each 26-100 prints $.32 each 100+ prints $.30 each.
  • Do you print photos and mail them to me or another person? Yes we do. Please ask for a shipping quote on your order or select the “mail delivery” option on PhotoFinale or our iPhone app.
  • I would like my photos cropped, should I do that before I send them to you? Cropping can be a challenging process especially when it comes to proportions. It is best to crop your photos on the kiosk, within the iPhone app or online at
  • How large of a photo can you print? Up to 43″ wide on some of our medias. A common larger size is 16×20.
  • Can you make copies of an old photo I have? Yes! Please see:
  • Can you retouch my photos? Yes! Please see: