Frequently Asked Questions – School / Event

Do you take a package picture photo of every child in the Fall visit?

Can I view and order my child’s individual picture online?
Yes. Your child will return from picture day with an instruction sheet and passcode (look for the yellow box) to view and order online. If this information doesn’t make it to you please call the studio. To view go to:

Do you take credit or debit cards?
Yes. Please call or come to the studio to pay by debit or credit card.

I can’t pay for the pictures right now, can I still order?
We don’t print pictures until they’re paid for, but you can always come to the studio and order them at a later date.

My child forgot to turn in their envelope, what do I do?
Bring your envelope and payment to the studio.

I have more than one child. Can I pay for all of my children’s pictures in one envelope?
No. Doing this slows down the process and could delay your photos. Special arrangements can be made if you must do it all together, please come to the studio.

What is greenscreen?
A special background that makes it possible for you to choose your favorite background in the printed photos. Please don’t allow your child to wear green on picture day.

Grandma would like to order pictures. Can she do this?
Yes. Pictures can be ordered online (with the child’s passcode) or by calling or coming in to the studio.

My child fell out of a tree and has a scrape across their face. Or has bad acne.
Or is having a crazy bad hair day. What do I do?
Choose Blemish Removal on the envelope & we’ll take care of skin issues. If things are bad enough you need to start over, call the studio and schedule a re-take in our studio.

My child was sick/out of town on picture day. What do I do?
Call the studio & schedule a time to come in for pictures. All of the options on the picture envelope will still be available to you.

What are the Breakout products?
Breakout Memory Mates have a greater emphasis on your child’s photo. We design it with a background that compliments the team or grade and add your child’s first and last name along with the year and grade or team name.
Breakout backgrounds can be chosen for your child’s individual photo for an additional fee, please see the order envelope.

What is FUSION?
Thanks to our greenscreen process, photographs of school age children can be put together into one group picture. Students can be in different schools but all must be photographed by Steph. A creation fee will apply, please call the studio for more details.

Can I bring my pre-school aged child in for pictures?
In-studio school package pictures are available for all children throughout the year. Call for an appointment.

Do you take a photo of every child in the sports pictures?
No. Only those who turn in an order envelope or think they will be ordering will have their photo taken.

Can I view and order sport pictures online?
Yes. This option is only available upon request picture day.