A Special Collaboration…

Photograms drying after being washed to be sent home with the students that same day.

Keep Alliance Beautiful and Steph’s Studio collaborate to create a special project every year at Dobby’s Frontier Town. Steph provides the photo equipment, dark room set up and photo paper. Keep Alliance Beautiful helps provide discarded objects that will be used to make photograms. This project is for the APS 4th Graders and includes approximately 100 students. Steph and Kathy work together in the darkroom with small groups of students (10 at a time). They explain how the exposure of white light and the chemistry of the developer, stop bath and fix work to create their photograms. The students love to see their creations develop right before their eyes!

Published by guest author Kathryn Worley.

A group of 4th Graders waiting to head into the darkroom!

Photogram Helpers…..

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