Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever by Using Online Activities for Kids by: Carrie Spencer

Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever by Using Online Activities for Kids

When the weather is rainy, kids end up stuck in the house — sometimes for days. It drives them crazy, but it drives you crazy, too. In fact, you’re tired of hearing them complain that they’re bored and there’s nothing to do. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is predicting more rain, with no end in sight. So what’s a stressed-out parent to do?

Easy! Send your kids online to engage in fun, educational activities that will get them moving or give their brain a workout. There are plenty of online educational activities that are perfect for a rainy day when it’s too wet for the kiddos to run outside and play. But before you get started, make sure you have an internet connection that’s up to the task. Fiber-optic internet has lightning-quick speeds, and some providers offer discounted service to those who qualify.

Once you’ve got a quality internet connection lined up, you can get in on the online fun!

Online Tutorials

Kids who love art will have fun learning to draw from an online tutorial. If you have internet access, your kids can watch talented art instructors teach them how to sketch a wide array of objects. Whether they want to learn how to draw people, animals, imaginary creatures or cartoon characters, you can find an online tutorial that can teach them. And you can get all of the arts and craft supplies your child needs to create their works of art at Steph’s Studio, the Nebraska Panhandle’s only independent, locally-owned Papercraft and Scrapbook Store!

Some online art classes charge a fee while others don’t cost a dime. In short, there are online drawing classes perfect for every budget. According to the Artful Parent, art activities help kids by fostering creativity, building neural connections, improving fine motor skills and cultivating problem-solving skills. You can also challenge your child’s creativity by having them complete mazes, or encourage them to make their own to share with family and friends. All of those benefits make it worthwhile to get your kids involved in online drawing classes.

Exercise Videos on YouTube

Ideally, your kids would be outside running around, climbing trees and riding bikes. But that’s not going to happen when three inches of rain begins pouring down. Fortunately, YouTube has countless exercise videos for kids. They can work up a sweat and release pent-up energy as they jog, dance, stretch and burn some calories. Even better, YouTube videos are free!

Online Music Lessons

Kids who are budding musicians may want to check out online music lessons. CNET reports that the “Web is a great place to learn how to play” an instrument. When kids learn to play a musical instrument, “their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear.” Gradually, this leads to a boost in literacy and academic abilities.

Exciting Science

Your kids can easily tune into a science lesson, right from home. The internet has activity websites for kids that focus on science. For example, kids can perform a science experiment. Or, they can create magic milk, an exploding volcano, grow ice crystals or perform hundreds of other fun experiments. Who knows? Your children may end up loving science so much, they’ll become scientists and earn a Nobel Prize one day.

Learn to Code

Kids who love technology might want to take online coding tutorials. Computer coding, also known as computer programming, involves giving computer-detailed instructions so it does exactly what you want it to do. If your children want to learn to create websites, video games or invent the next Facebook, let them get a taste of computer coding by visiting a site like or These types of kid-friendly tutorials provide interactive learning through engaging games that require them to use problem-solving skills.

A Final Tip for Parents

It’s fun to spend time with your kids on rainy days, but sometimes the weather doesn’t work with your schedule. If you discover that you have a house full of children but you have somewhere you need to go, be it work, a doctor’s appointment, or another engagement, don’t hesitate to send out an SOS. You can hire babysitters through sites like, allowing you to find the help you need without going through a ton of trouble. Even if you need some help around the house while you’re looking after the little ones, you can find someone ready to lend a hand.

It’s easy to get cabin fever when you’re stuck in the house because of inclement weather. But don’t let your kids vegetate in front of the TV or play video games for hours on end. Instead, relieve your kids’ boredom and save your sanity by finding fun, educational activities online. They’ll strengthen their cognitive skills, improve their creativity and release energy without needing to step one foot outdoors.

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blog post by: Carrie Spencer

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