Hobbies for Fun (and Income?)

There are plenty of fun hobbies that might even put some extra cash in your pocket to help pad
your budget. Looking for ideas? Check out the following suggestions.
If you’ve always wanted to play guitar but never had the time, now’s your chance. You can take
lessons online through top-rated sites like JustinGuitar. Learning to play an instrument has
many benefits, including boosting your creativity and building your confidence.
There are many crafts that you can make when you learn how to sew. Custom pajamas,
embroidered stockings, and handmade gift bags all come to mind. Like music, you can also find
instructions online, but you also want to ensure that you have equipment that helps you get
started. An embroidery machine is one option, although a basic home machine will cost you
anywhere from $500 and up.

Learning a language boosts your brainpower and may be a profitable business endeavor.
According to language learning company Babbel, after English, Spanish, Chinese, and the
lesser-known Filipino Tagalog are the most common languages spoken in the US. Learn one of
these, and you may be able to find a job or start your own business as a translator.
Whether you choose to learn how to draw digitally or prefer to stick with a paintbrush and
canvas, honing and mastering your artistic talents will give you plenty to do. And, even better,
you can sell art online for both profit and exposure. Many sites, such as Etsy and Amazon,
make it easy to get your online store set up.
Learn, And Then Earn
Once you get started, you may find a brand-new passion that could lead to a side gig or a new
career. It’s not a bad idea to set up an LLC. A limited liability company is a business structure
that reduces your personal liability while maximizing your tax benefits. Depending on where you
live, you may be able to use an online formation service and skip on the attorney fees, but you
will need to research first. Forming a Nebraska LLC will require completing six unique steps.
Whether you set up as an LLC or not, one hurdle that you will encounter as you start your own
business is setting your prices. There are many different ways to determine how much to charge
for homemade goods, including cost-based pricing, using competitive products as a guide, or
dynamic, meaning that your price fluctuates depending on market demand.
It doesn’t matter if you plan to earn an income on your hobbies or not. Learning something new
will give you something to do and help open up your mind to new experiences.

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Guest Author: Carrie Spencer

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